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Hi everyone! I’m currently behind on the EPQ dissertation and I’m getting stressed out about it!, in need of inspiration. I can’t seem to find any good exemplars online unfortunately? If anyone is willing to share their former essays in a DM or have any links to examples, it would be amazing! I have completed primary and secondary research but just keep staring at it going around in circles. Thanks in advance! My topic is: effect of social media on teen mental health
Hey! do you do AQA or Edexcel?
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Original post by rowan_willow
Hey! do you do AQA or Edexcel?

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Hi, I know you're doing AQA but check out the Pearson website as they have some really good ones on there that have fantastic structure (not sure what their marks are though but very high I expect). Here is a link to one:
There are also a number of youtube videos that people have shared their EPQ in. I found this one by Jake Clarke super useful as he also did primary research:
Hope this helps!!
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Thank you for helping , will take a look 😊

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