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    In September, I begin sixth form, for AS I will be studying biology, business, geography and maths. I was wondering if anyone had any study/note-taking tips for inside and outside of class to help me get the most out of the year, my goal is to come out with AAAA at the end of the year; I'd be extremely grateful for any tips and help to do with starting off well in Year 12 and studying/revision! Thank you very much

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    Id advise taking notes in a book and doing any homework/exercises on paper. Then you can revise from your book for tests and file away the other papers. Get hold of the specification for each subject and make sure that if your teacher doesn't cover anything then add it to your notes yourself so they are complete. Also its a good idea to spend some time, maybe an, at the end of the week to read over your notes so that they stay fresh in your mind. Other than that start revision around Jan/Feb, begin past papers by march and you should be fine for 4 As. Gd Luck

    Out of your subjects I only did Biology and Maths so can only comment on those really but anyway here goes:
    Biology- little and often throughout the year, really listen and pay attention in class, take an interest in your practicals, briefly take a look at the pages in the textbook for your lesson before you have the lesson and read/take notes after your lesson as well. The key for biology really is repetition repetition. Try and find old past papers to do throughout the year and save the newer exam papers for a month before your exam. Do each exam paper at least twice. Read examiners reports to get an understanding of how you should word your answers and areas students commonly make mistakes in as these are likelier to come up. Learn mark schemes as well. Learn the specification points. What I found really useful was to get loads of flash cards and put a specification point on one side and the answer to that point on the other side. The answer can come from your textbook or mark scheme answers as sometimes exam questions are literally directly from the specification point. Try and max out on your coursework as you have a bit more control over it and it will mean even if an exam goes badly, you've got some insurance to fall back on. Go to drop in session held by your school st lunch times to ask any questions you have about material you don't understand.
    Maths: simple really, past papers, past papers, past papers. Go see your teacher at lunch times or get someone who understands a concept to explain it to you if you don't get it. Watch YouTube videos if you don't get a concept. Once you watch a video or read the textbook just do loads and loads of questions until you feel really comfortable with that concept. Do all the Solomon papers as well because they're harder so you will be prepared for the worst. When doing past papers, literally do them dating back from like 2002 as well

    A few pieces of advice :
    1) stay after school 2 hours each day in the library to stay focused that way you don't have to do much at home when you will procrastinate. Try and get into this routine right at the start of the year to get ahead.
    2) read the specification over and over make sure you understand every point on it use flash cards to put one point on one side then use your exam board text book and past papers to answer each point.
    3) use past papers. Do all of them and study the mark schemes look for key words they like and learn answers so when questions get repeated you know the answers.
    4) get A3 paper and make posters about each topic when you finish it in class reading over your text book and notes so you don't forget what you learn never just make notes in lesson and leave them you'll forget.
    Hope this helps 😊

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