Applying for Medicine with known A Level Grades

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    Hey peeps, as the title suggests, I'm in the process of applying with known A level grades.

    I got an A*,A, A at A level with A* in maths and A's in Bio and Chem.

    I did my UKCAT early this month and got a 2120 with a Band 2 which puts me in the 8th decile for now. All looks good so far, right?

    So, the real problem is that my GCSE's aren't the best, for a medicine applicant, that is.

    I have 2A*'s, 2A's, 4B's and 2C's which were at a low preforming secondary school. I was happy with them at the time because I got into a grammar school with these results.

    The reason why my GCSE's were low is because I had just moved from Pakistan earlier that year and I started Year 10 (Moved to the UK in 2014 and started Year 10 in Sept 2014). So I was completely new to the whole GCSE curriculum which put me at a disadvantage. (still managed to get a C in French )

    I managed to pull it back with my A Levels and UKCAT but the only problem is that as far as I've checked only Manchester appreciates the fact that I'm applying with known A Level grades so won't put much bearing on my GSCE's.

    I just need some help with what other universities will appreciate my circumstances so I have good chance of getting an interview

    I had to take a gap year because I didn't get any interviews, let alone offers last year. I feel I can really do well if I can get an interview. I'm spending my gap year working as a Healthcare Assistant at my local hospital which is quite good for experience so with all this, I feel in a good position but am not sure where else to apply :/

    Thanks in advance, peeps

    You can try for barts, manchester, sgul and even imperial if you're giving bmat.

    As far as I'm aware I wouldn't apply to imperial as the A* has to be in bio or Chem (based on my friends' offers)
    Maybe try kings? And I would definitely try SGUL
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Updated: September 24, 2016
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