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What jobs will be in demand due to Brexit? watch


    (Original post by calsmith12)
    It's not, engineering salaries are only getting higher due to the shortage of skilled workers in the sector.
    There's higher demand for skilled engineers with years of relevant experience though. Not people fresh out of uni.

    As I said the only jobs where fresh grads are basically never affected is hospital related stuff. Atm teachers have it good too tbh.

    (Original post by calsmith12)
    Engineering will never suffer, good rule of thumb.
    I'm not convinced. Manufacturing in terms of output has risen, but it tends to be low volume high value output. The sort of engineering we like to think of, i.e. burly men making widgets with sledge hammers has been on the decline for years. If we have a hard Brexit, that will likely tip many engineering firms over the bring as they will not be able to compete with import / export tarrifs our European competitors won't have to pay.

    The risk for the high value firms is that uncertainty about residency will likely put off high skill migrants and with that companies will struggle to recruit the talent they need.

    If one thing is uncertain - it is engineering.

    To answer the OP though. High demand jobs will be the ones we don't really want to do. Cleaners, fruit pickers, hotelier / waiting staff and other low paid work will see a demand for staff. However, because the economy is on a go-slow right now and those with money are not prepared to pay more for their services, I don't see wages going up any time soon.

    One would think Job Centre workers will be in short supply as thousands lose jobs to Brexit and have to go on the dole. Therefore the government will be forced to open many more job centres
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