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hi everyone, how's your week going so far?
Basically I wrote a practice essay just over 50 minutes hence it's about the love theme of Inspector Calls. Can you please give feedback such as constructive criticism? x The essay is below

Alongside the themes of privacy, responsibility and gender, J.B Priestley portrays love in so many different aspects and through the characters of the Birlings and Gerald. One of the messages the writer conveys through the play, is that honesty is a vitamin of a loving relationship due to Sheila's words, 'I rather respect you more than I've done before.And now at least you've been honest.'In this essay I'm going to prove the examiner how the concept of love is highlighted within Inspector Calls and I will explore deeper meanings behind this broad topic.

Foremostly, one of the arrogant and self-obsessed characters called Mr.Birling views love and marriage as nothing but a convennience in progressing up the economic hierarchy. It is intriguing how he still tries to bring Sheila's and Gerald's engagement despite the fact that Gerald cheated with Eva Smith, since in the last chapter Birling told Sheila, 'Look you'd better ask Gerlad for that ring.'

Mr Birling also has little love towards others and is especially cold towards Eric. His attitude towards his son is reinforced by his perception on marriages, 'Your engagement means a tremendous lot to me...Your father and I have been friendly rivals in business for some time and NOW YOU'VE BROUGHT US TOGETHER, and perhaps we may look forwards to the time when Crofts and Birlings are no longer competing but are working together for lower costs and higher prices.' Being heartless and money-obsessed, Mr Birling furthermore said to Eric, 'You'll stay here long enough to give me an account of that money you stole.' These quotes Priestley uses, highlights the point that he doesn't care about real love and the definition of love in Birling's eys, revolves around money and himself. That is so, because he looks forward to Sheila's marriage because he can get more money from Gerald's father's company.

'I wasn't in love with her or anything-she was pretty and a good sport' as well as 'She was very pretty-soft brown hair and big dark eyes,' are two opinions based on Eva Smith from Eric and Gerald. Many argue that genuine love isn't defined by looks, but in this play(set in 1912) Priestley displays the concept that Eric and Gerald's 'love' for Eva is sparked by her appearance. In other words their love for women aren't serious therefore this links to another theme called gender. Another point of the theme of love, is that Gerald betrayed his relationship with Sheila and the truth gets revealed during Inspector Goole's inquiries, which was, 'Sheila: How did you come to know this girl?
Gerald: I didn't.' At first Gerald denies the truth then finally admits the whole story. In this quote Sheila is represented as intelligent and inquisitive because her predictions were right. Within this drama prose, Gerald's affair causes some sort of drama or conflict in the spectrum of love, and Gerald's doing teaches the audience behind the stage, that loyalty is important.

Going back to my point that J.B Priestley shows the audience how Eric's 'love' for Eva isn't authentic, he describes her appearance and capability attributes as the reasons why their relationship occurred. 'Pretty' and 'good sport' were also the reasons why females in the 1912 society attained value. They were often expected to be good at housework and looking good. In addition Gerald focuses on Eva's looks through the use of his quote, 'She was young and pretty and warm-hearted and...intensely grateful.' He said her looks 'pretty' and 'young' first, however he left Eva's characteristics to the last. Gerald's love for her isn't serious due to other reasons which were Eva was from a different class, he was in a relationship with Sheila already and he abandoned her whenever he felt like it, after giving her the set of rooms.
'Sheila: Were you in love with her Gerald?
Gerald: I didn't feel about her as she felt about me.' This section of the dialogue proves the audience how serious Gerald's love for Eva was.

Thirdly Gerald and Mr.Birling uses wealthy items in love, to perhaps satisfy women. So far I have explored that in the play, Priestley conveys the idea of love around looks, gaining wealth and sex due to Eric's affair with Eva. In this paragraph, wealth in terms of love is going to be discussed in further depth. It's interesting how Sheila sets expectations on Gerald by saying, 'I'd hate you to know about port' and 'You'd be careful', however she automatically turns more compassionate to him once he gives her the extravagant ring. She was suddenly 'kissing him hastily.' This makes us wonder that men ought to purchase rich items for a woman's love in that era, and the true idea of love is concealed which is compassion and personna. In addition, women's looks and work were, on the other hand, the main reasons why men 'loved' them.

I find part of this drama play quite ironic since Sheila only felt the love when she had something materialistic through the use of Priestley's quote, 'Now I really feel engaged(who has put the ring on admiringly.)' The idea of women's security in relationships were depended on wealthy items, is represented in the play. The adverb 'admiringly' connotes the contrast to Sheila's value of the ring compared to her expectations on Gerald.

In conclusion, Priestley provokes the meaning of 'love' in that Yorkshire time period, which was defined by women's looks and men's prosperity. Through Sheila's and Gerald's dialogues, he presents that even though honesty can hurt, it's vital to trust, therefore love. Issues begin to crumble within their bond when Sheila gets suspicious and mistrusting of Gerald, 'all last summer you never came near me and I wondered what had happened to you.'Interestingly Mrs.Birling normalizes that as men just being busy which conveys her socially conditioned mind in marriages.

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