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I am going to start my a levels next week in English Lang and lit, psychology and criminology. Has anyone done these a levels and can tell me if they are difficult and how they revised for them? Thank you.

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I did English Lit OCR and Psychology AQA.
I hated English Lit but managed a B. I just read the books and bought as many revision guides as possible and read those. I also googled essays written about the texts and read those too.
Psychology I loved. Somehow got a B (been at A* all year so having papers remarked). I just bought the textbook and learnt everything in it as that’s all you need to know.
Best piece of advice is to know how to structure your essays in terms of AO’s. Your teachers should be able to tell you about them.
Good luck.
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Hey! I did Eng Lit and psychology.

I found that English lit was harder to prepare for - annotating books, memorising quotations, and writing thousands of essays was the best I could manage! It's a big change from GCSE and I found it difficult at first, but as once as you figure out how to write a proper essay it gets way easier! When I started, I got a D on one essay, and I got an A in my final exams - so don't be disheartened!

Psychology was my favourite A-Level. It's challenging, but I loved having to work and figure out solutions. The essays are easier to write, following a 'PEEL' structure. There's a lot of information to learn, so I made notes from day 1 and kept rereading them and quizzing myself. I was super organised and covered all the content with handwritten & typed notes, and flashcards. The best way to learn psychology, for me, was to teach it to my classmates. You have to be organised with psychology because of how much information there is. But if you keep on covering the information, it's actually a pretty easy course! I ended up getting a high A* after all the work I put in.

I really hope this helps!
Please message me if you have any more questions

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