Is an Art & Design access course a waste of time?

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So I'd like to go to uni next year in 2021, but I'm gonna need to do an access course this September.

I'm just having a really hard time deciding which access course to actually do. I was thinking about doing an Engineering one (Maths, physics, etc...) because that feels like a 'safer' option and (I assume) would give me more negotiating power when I apply to the universities. But to be totally honest, the idea of having to do a bunch of maths and physics for a year really fills me with disinterest.

I'm conflicted because in my eyes the sensible routes that you're 'supposed' to go down are in areas like Economics, Finance, Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine, etc... But none of those things really feel like 'me'.

I'm not exactly sure what I want to do yet, but I'm more drawn to practical, creative areas. I've considered things like Architecture, Planning, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Product Design, 3D animation, VFX, Marketing/Advertising, etc...

The only thing is I've not really pursued art strongly enough and I have doubts I'd be able to put together a good enough portfolio. I've been trying here and there to do some life drawing, but I've not put nearly enough time into it and am feeling a bit directionless about it all.

I'm eyeing doing an Art & Design access course because it'll A) satisfy the university entry requirements and B) give me a year to improve my skills (and build a portfolio), give me a better understanding of what I do and don't like and put me in an environment where I have guidance and support.

I just worry that the access course might be looked down on when I actually apply to unis. If I have an epiphany during the course and discover my true calling is in some other area, I feel I'll have locked myself out of a lot of things.

My question is; is an Art & Design access course worth doing? Would I be pigeon-holing myself? Or do universities care more that you've got the access diploma and aren't entirely fussed what the subject was in?
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I know that art and design access courses (Foundation year) and art and design in general are very free forward thinking and you look at trying out lots of diferrent techniques and disciplines- choosing to specialise in whichever you feel most inclined to.
Would something like graphic design be of interest? Or digital media production? If you are passionate about CAD and things- maybe illustration.

Worth looking at other courses too but I know most for unis want something to do with the subject you are applying for even if it’s just background or basic knowledge- as long as it’s something that you can relate to the subject you are applying for, you should be fine with art and design! Unless it’s something really specific you want to go into.

Good luck- also art and design courses are a lot of fun as I know lots of people who have done a one year foundation year!

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