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What is your favourite coffee chain? (UK)


What is your favourite coffee chain? (UK)

Mine is Cafe Nero... their chai lattes are elite.

Also, what is your go-to drink from your favourite coffee chain?
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If you are including railway coffee chain kiosks, Puccino's.
Coffee #1 (a smaller chain, mostly in the South-West/ midlands, I think).
They do a banging Chai latte.


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Got to be Pret, every time! I go to a northern uni which prefers Greggs but show off being a southerner with my Pret obsession
Costa’s bonfire spiced latte but I don’t think it’s coming back this year :sad:
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Then again there isn't really a pret a manger or a cafe Nero near me so I don't get the chance to go there.
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Starbucks, but don't mind a Pret every now and then
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Used to be Costa but they have become annoyingly expensive. I don't think I've bought coffee at a café since the uni campus closed.
Starbucks! :smile:
Starbucks. Pricy but worth it.
Pret's filter coffee is pretty decent. Quite like their matcha lattes too.
Starbucks for coffee. Pret for food.
Generally I prefer Costa. I find the costa elsewhere either too strong or too bitter/tastes burnt :redface:

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