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The Truth About Being a Coventry University Student...

Good afternoon everyone, today I’m going to be letting you know what it’s actually like being a student at Coventry University. My name is Dan and I’m a BSc Computer Science student, currently on my Placement Year. I have spent most of my time here living on campus, but even if you choose to commute these facts will still be useful to know.

You’re Going to Find out the Lecturers are Actually Your Friend

Throughout your time in School, you might have felt like your teachers treated you a bit like a child, I know I did and I had even experienced this dynamic with my teachers during Sixth Form. At Coventry University, there is an admirable culture of students and lecturers truly getting along, and all lecturers I’ve personally had speak to me more as a peer than a student, to the point where I will start looking forward to classes because it is such a safe environment to make mistakes and ask questions. This in turn leads myself and the people around me learning more and growing in confidence within our academic ventures.

You’re Going to Meet a Lot of Different People

You have probably had similar friendship groups your whole life, and shared similar life experiences growing up with them. Moving to University gives you the chance to talk to people who grew up in completely different ways to you, as we are all put into a huge melting pot. Students at Coventry come from all over the world and from a wide array of cities in the UK, and it’s truly amazing how many different types of music, food and culture you can discover here, as well as how much you can learn from other people.

You’re Constantly Going to be Discovering New Parts of Coventry

I initially thought I knew Coventry pretty well, but the more people I meet I realise there’s parts of the city centre and even hidden gems on campus I’ve never even knew existed. You will never be bored as the city has a lot to offer. For instance, we have a harrier jet under the EEC building, and replica prison cells and a Moot Room in other faculty buildings, which engages students and helps them to put their theoretical knowledge into practical, hypothetical scenarios.

You Might Spend too Much Money on ‘Little Treats’

If you consider yourself a foodie you are in luck, as Coventry has many interesting and diverse eateries to offer. Around campus and in many of the Universities’ buildings, there are an abundance places to grab a coffee, a little snack or even a full lunch. These are great if you have back-to-back classes or are staying around to study after class. My building (the EEC building) has a Starbucks I walk past to get to my lectures, and the temptation is almost always too much to ignore - What a better way to start off your day than an iced coffee?

Everyone has a different experience at university, even people at the same university. These were things that surprised me based on my expectations when coming to university. I found Coventry an interesting city to explore, and I’m super excited to return to University in September.

What are some things you were interested to learn about University, or the uni of your choice?

Have a good day everyone!

- Dan, Computer Science Student
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Hi Dan,

Nice post. Could you possibly provide us with more details and insights about the course structure and the various modules, please?

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Original post by KKK90
Hi Dan,

Nice post. Could you possibly provide us with more details and insights about the course structure and the various modules, please?


Hi KKK90,

Our websites have got a good breakdown of the course structure and what the modules contain.

Some extra information that you might want to know:

- The main languages I’ve learnt so far have been Python, SQL and C++
- A lot of the learning at Coventry is done in labs. This means small groups all with a computer, learning content hands on by trying the tasks together with an academic in the room for assistance.
- Assessments for each module are normally a mix of coursework and exam style questions.

Personally, my favourite modules have been the Integrative Project Module in year 1 and Data Science in Year 2 (they may have changed names since I have taken these, but they should still exist). I liked these a lot they give you problems to solve, but leave you to be creative in which way you implement the solutions. It always leads to great class discussions and learning opportunities when you realise many of you took a different approach to solving the question, but you all got the correct end result.

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