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Hi I was wondering if they are any pre gym or after work outs drinks that actually works and not a waste of money. I know there is whey protein Casein and BcAAs I just want to get really ripped for the summer.

However I don’t have a lot of free time in the gym as I have got two jobs so was just wondering if they are any gym experts out there as it’s difficult for me to get all the meals in for lean muscle growth and there fore to get a decent work out in before going to work.

I’ve been on a high protein diet for a couple weeks now and my main goal is to lose weight and gain muscle as I don’t want to be Skinny just lean muscle.
Whey and casein are just foods, work fine, just easy to consume

Creatine is safe and has mild muscle building effects

Don't waste your money on BCAAs

most preworkout is garbage. If you want one, drink a coffee
Whey and casein proteins are your best bets. If you want to lose weight you could even try clear whey isolate, most are around 80 cals and 20 grams of protein.
Creatine is one of the most researched and tested sports supplements in the world. It will also be perfect for a cut as it'll help you to bang out a few extra reps.
BCAAs are a complete waste of money. They're branched chain amino acids and you get these amino acids from protein. So if you want more BCAAs, eat more protein.
Preworkout...also a complete waste of money. Loads of people are reliant on this nowadays. It's better to not have it and develop a healthy habit of exercising without relying on a supplement to make you want to. If you need a bit of energy though, drink a coffee or have a banana.
Glutamine. Great for muscle building and building lean muscle mass.
HMB. Great for preserving muscle and helping aid recovery.

If you're struggling to get all your meals in, drink your calories. You could make a whey or casein shake, buy some powdered oats for carbs and fruit etc and blend.
Clear Whey is my favourite - especially the vimto one from MyProtein 😋 i much prefer it to normal whey as dont really like milkshakes.

Creatine Monohydrate will also help. Theyre are fear-mongers regarding it but its one of the most researched and tested ones out there.

As others have said bccaa and pre are waste of money. A coffee can you what pre does and protein can give what bccas do and more.

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