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Beginning CPCAB L2 Counselling Course

Hi, I am due to start the CPCAB Level 2 Counselling skills course next month, however I am feeling slightly stressed that I won't be able to commit to it. I have already paid my deposit of £225 and so I really don't want to withdraw before the course has even started because that would be such a waste of money. I am going into my second year at university which is vocational and extremely intense with long days. I am worried that I won't be able to keep up with the course, that it will stress me out to much, and I won't be able to commit. For people who have completed the L2 CPCAB Course already, may I ask how you found the workload? Is it a lot of reading and assignments outside of the classroom? I struggle with my mental health and am in counselling myself, so do you think it is a bit of a stupid idea to be enrolling on this course? I really want to become a counsellor someday, I am only 19 so I know I'm young to be doing it and I know I could pursue this later in life, but I would like to have it as a qualification so that I can get there quicker x
The workload is manageable, but also quite a lot.
I am in my 30s and I dropped out of college at A levels, when they were not mandatory. I had a history of struggling with course work and not focusing in class. I have since been diagnosed with ADHD so this now makes a lot of sense.

At Level 2 you will need to write weekly learning journals of about 600 words. These are reflective much like a diary, but specifically focused on your development in the course (not just general journalling) but the language is informal and not 'academic'. The style of them, and purpose (to demonstrate your personal development) meant that I found them quite easy.

There was not much reading on my course, but this might vary depending on your college and tutor. There is one book they recommend, but it is not referenced, nor mandatory. There was no work to do outside of class except the journals. You will have 1 essay of about 1500 words. You will also have 1 taped skills assessment which will be done on class time.

If you are on a level 2 that lasts less than 1 academic year, then you might find this quite intense to do alongside your university degree. You should check with the college how much time in total they estimate the course to require. You will need about 1.5-2hrs a week to do your journal. Some people can do it in 1 hour when you get into a rhythm. So if your classes are once a week and for 3 hours, then you are looking at 5hrs a week roughly. Add this to the estimated time you spend on uni stuff, and then add any hours you do at a job. I personally would not suggest exceeding 40-50 hours a week over these 3 areas.

It is not recommended that you do a counselling course if you feel you are struggling with your mental health however. This is probably for many reasons, and I think some of the key reasons is that you will have to be able to give and receive honest feedback, and be properly vulnerable. A big part of the course is demonstrating your own emotional development. You will build trust with your fellow students, but if you are going through quite hard things in your personal life, doing this part of the course may be extra challenging, you need to have a degree of emotional stability.
I would definitely recommend the course, as most people I know who have taken it said it has been very useful on a personal level, even if they don't want to become a counsellor. Good luck with your decision and whatever you choose to do :smile:
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Hi, I started a Level 2 Counselling course at a local college to me last October but I withdrew in December as I couldn't deal with the pace and the level of emotional reaction to the course material for me. I still have to pay for the course which was £700, so a very expensive lesson. If you are unsure, then take some time to really think about it.

Take care xx

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