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Dietetics career prospects for an international student 2022?

Hi! I’m an international student currently doing a foundation year in Nutrition & Food science. I’m planning to transfer to a dietetics course for my first year because that is what I’m passionate about.

However, as an international student, I’ll be putting a lot of money into my degree, and I’m a little hesitant about pursuing my passion because I’m not sure about the job prospects in the field & how much I can expect to earn
immediately after my degree as well as a few years down the line.

My question to currently students/dietitians is: What are the job prospects for a dietetics graduate if you’re an international student? How easily were you able to come across a job? Also, how much do you earn as a dietitian?

Finally, does it matter which university I get my degree from, or are all degrees equivalent?
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I can give the answers to your questions but it would be from a food science perspective if youd like? However, the university you study at can matter. Some are more prestigious than others etc for example Leeds is best for food science and most students get jobs after. However, when it comes to jobs its more about experience, personality and wanting to work in food. the brightest student at university may not get jobs if they don't come across well in interview etc

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