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If places are same latitude will surface temperature be the same at these locations ?

Location coordinates are 20° 14’ 58.78” S, 67° 18’ 47.69” W and 20° 14’ 58.78”S, 63° 10’ 4.67” (you can use Google earth to find them )
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Everything pretty much
not going to look up the actual locations but London and Calgary are pretty much the same latitude. Calgary can hit -30 degrees C whereas the gulf stream ensures that the UK is warmer and doesn't see that sort of minimum temperature
Tampa Florida and Mount Everest are pretty much at the same latitude too
No, surface temperature is affected by many factors including climate, altitude, and proximity to bodies of water. So even if two places are at the same latitude, their surface temperatures can be different.
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Not necessarily, as surface temperature can be influenced by various factors, such as altitude, proximity to bodies of water, and local climate patterns, which can vary even at the same latitude.

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