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what laptop should i get?? pls help!!


i’m in yr12 rn and my laptops pretty much on its last legs :frown:

i reckon i can last until the start of yr13 though

i was n wondering what’s the best laptop for an engineering degree?? also which one is the most affordable/best for its price?

thank u!!
Go to ebay and facebook marketplace and look for sub £200 deals on:

HP 840 and 830 G5, G6, G7, G8
Dell Latitude 7490, 7400, 7410, 7390, 7300, 7310
Lenovo T480, T480s, T490s

This week I bought a Dell 7300 from ebay for £160 plus £6.50 postage cost (with 15% cashback via It's a lovely portable Windows 11 laptop that would be fine for supporting engineering studies (use the uni computers or a desktop PC for heavy duty 3D solid modelling work).

If you leave the purchase till September you may find that you'll be able to buy - for example - a Dell 7310 or 7320 for the same price as a Dell 7300 today.

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