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Macbeth quotes Gcse


I am struggling with identifying which quotes to learn for Macbeth. I got like 14 but they are not useful for quite a few questions and I am scared to go into an exam and do bad in it because of not learning the right quotes.

So can someone pls help me on how to pick out quotes pls?

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There is a study guide that could be useful, it has quotes and an analysis of the text:

If this particular one doesn't help you mutch htere are loads of other ones you could use. Just type in 'Macbeth Study Guide PDF' and you should find something that works for you : D

Personally I find making a quote bank really helpful. You write down all the themes/Characters (I find it easier to make one quote bank for themes and then another for characters) in one column, then the quote in another column, and then a small explanation. Going through as many past papers that you can get helps a lot because you can identify what elements are most imortant. Once you've made the quote bank you can cut out quotes that aren't as versatile.

Hope this was helpful, and good luck with your exams!!!

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