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Oxford Brookes vs Winchester

Hiya, i’ve been given offers by both these uni’s to do a Primary Teaching course but i’m really unsure on which one to pick.
I’m panicking because I need to start applying for accommodation.
Winchester is more modern than Oxford Brookes but Winchester doesn’t have a great night life and I’m unable to take my car.
Can anyone give me any advice please?
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I can’t say anything about Oxford Brookes but I have recently graduated from Winchester. Personally, I loved the night life. You have student nights on a Wednesday where the Vault (large University building at the bottom of the Uni) turns into a nightclub and it has all kinds of themed nights. To be honest, other than that there’s only two night clubs/pub clubs in the city centre - but if you go with the right people you can have a right laugh. Also you MAY be able to take your car - if you're willing to park it away from dorms (e.g. in Stanmore, which is like a 20 min walk) Then you can park it for free. Hope this helps 😁

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