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english language paper 1 mr fisher Q4

hi need help with this question if someone can give him feedback thanks
also I kind off struggle with this question so be brutal with me i need the help that I can get
A student said, ‘This part of the story, where Mr Fisher is marking homework,
shows Tibbet’s story is better than Mr Fisher expected, and his reaction is
To what extent do you agree?
I strongly agree with this statement as Mr. fisher does express his strong emotions through his reaction . this is seen through " comforting routine" "to bed" this emphasis this unbothered bored tired behavior which contrast with " he began to sweat" " tightening of diaphragm" to imply this very energetic physical behavior this could indicate this quick shift in views towards his students this sense of hope towards his students expressed through this overwhelming physicals reaction .Also "tightening of diaphragm" in a way "Tightening "in a way creates this chocking effect as if due to Tibbets story , it brought out this powerful force that is like chocking him taking control of his life. moreover "grew stronger " further implies this hope towards his students and how that view is expanding getting stronger but also "grew stronger" "grew" has connotation of life , creation this can indicate how life, is growing inside him but also "grew" has literal connotation of living organism growing to suggest how something pellicular is growing inside him to reflect this unexpected weird feeling , something different that fisher ever experienced caused due to Tibet story because of this it explains how Tibet story was further than expected which is expressed through his out of control reaction .
it is a small essay so yeah

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