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Which University should I pick?

Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me with figuring out which Uni I should pick?

I'm planning on studying a music and composition course, and I've got a few offers, but at the moment I'm having difficulty on which Uni I should pick as my firm choice.

The 2 Unis I'm looking at right now are Bath Spa and the BIMM institute (Bristol), as I have unconditional offers for both. Does anyone have any experience with either universities, and can they give me any advice/share their experiences in the replies? The main things I'm considering is the campus, course, lecturers, accommodation and city, so any advice centred around these themes specifically would be most helpful!

Basically, which do you think is better, Bath Spa or BIMM?

Thank you so much, good luck to other students!
Why does it matter that the offers are unconditional? Don’t you think that you will get the grades for any conditional offers?

Unconditional offers are better off used for insurance choices not for firm.
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Neither are a brilliant choice for Music frankly so its not going to make a whole heap of difference in career terms.

Have a look at the campus tour films on YouTube is all I can suggest.

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