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Interested in taking up two studies at University (Biological Sciences and Biomed)...

I'm really interested in both topics here. I know the main differences are that Biological Sciences focuses more on the general study of life and Biomed is more focused on human medicine and medical studies but I love both aspects. I'm currently doing my A-Levels but after that I'm more or less at a fork with these two degrees and I'm not sure which to do.

However, if I can't decide then I'll probably think about seeing if I can't do both degrees, given how much I love the entire subject of Biology. Despite this, I'm not really sure how this'll work out if I do decide to go for both eventually. Is there anywhere that hosts both Biology and Biomedical Sciences or would I have to do them separately? If I can't study them at the same time, then how should I go about doing them, or should I give up on one?

Sorry if these questions seem a bit vague or misinformed. I'm not really familiar with the whole process of universities and degrees right now haha.

edit: Also just remembered another point. If I went and got a Master's in Biology at a university, would I then be eligible to move straight into a Master's for Biomedical or would I have to take the first course (the undergrad) before being able to do it?

Again, sorry for any misunderstandings I might have. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to how unis work and stuff like that.
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Depending on the university, they may offer both or may offer just one. If this is the case, I would carefully look into your interests, what you want, and the modules of the courses you think would be interested in. What attracts you to the course? What sounds interesting? From there, you can decide which path to go down, but I have to imagine doing a biological sciences course can open up opportunities for more biomedical-leaning options.

Or, you could look for courses that offer the best of both. For example, my firm choice - Durham - only offers biological sciences (or biosciences, for the integrated masters). However, within this course, they clearly mark out the modules you can take to ‘craft’ your degree into one that links to your interests. This can allow you to follow and particular path (for example, they mark out specific modules that would be aligned with biomedical science), or to mix and match your modules. I’m hoping to take on a mix of modules that will allow me to produce a degree similar to a microbiology course :smile:

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