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can a uk uni withdraw an offer after change in fee status?

Hello, any feedback appreciated.
I received an offer from Oxford for a postgrad masters but with overseas fee status. I have for last few years been working overseas but was born and lived in UK until then so I accepted the place and filled in forms to change fee status to UK, having asked the uni if offer of place was independent of fee status but never receiving an answer.
So fee status was changed to UK (basically half the price) but then my undergrad UK uni transcript is questioned and I hear that I do not have the necessary grade for entry and get a blanket rejection with no feedback as to why. The course needs 66, a high upper second or first and I have that. My undergrad degree IS sufficient to get me in so what can I do??
I worry that offer has been changed as I am now UK fee status so half price from their point of view.
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