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College leavers' day was so ****

Perhaps I'm being overly dramatic but yesterday I had my leavers' day and I felt so **** afterwards. I didn't feel depressed because of the fact that I'm leaving, but because of the fact that it felt like secondary school all over again - In secondary school I felt like I didn't make good enough friendships with people to miss the school or the people in it, and I stopped talking to everyone pretty quickly, apart from maybe 3 close friends. It's happened again. Sixth form, I'm on good terms with many people, but it's more a colleague like relation with most people. I have probably one close friend. I talk to many people, but yesterday I went home pretty quickly after it ended and home on my own. I didn't stay to take photos and talk to other people, and during the day I probably took a couple photos with a couple people and signed a few shirts. The day itself was ****. I feel sad because I feel like I haven't actually made any good relations with anyone, and that I won't miss anyone and I won't be missed either.

Just ranting. I'll probably be over it by tomorrow. Not a good feeling at all, though
I understand how you feel, a lack of deep connections with your friends from sixth form can feel isolating and lonely, but you can still try to maintain those friendships! Just because you are leaving, doesn’t mean you guys can’t keep in contact and maybe even build up your friendship. And if you have a job or will be getting one, there’s friends to be made there with the potential of being friends outside of work. Plus, if you happen to be going to university, that is a whole other opportunity to meet a whole bunch of people and make loads of new friends!!
Just because sixth form is over, doesn’t mean you’ll never make anymore friends! Theres loads of opportunities.

I’m sorry your leavers’ day wasn’t what you hoped it would be though
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are u me lol i had the exact same experience. it feels **** in the moment but what makes me feel better about it is, like the other person said, thinking of the friends i'll make at uni and possibly at my summer job. for me i'm coming to see sixth form as a period not of socialising and making new friends but for personal growth and academic development. what i mean by that is everyone gets different things out of sixth form, and just because i made no real friends doesn't mean the time was wasted and i have to feel bad about it. it just means the 2 yrs gave me different priorities and taught me different lessons than it might have for other people. i hope you feel better about this all soon, remember that there are so many more opportunities for friendships beyond sixth form too. good luck with whatever is next for you!!
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Same exact experience with me I had only one other friend with me that day and everyone was in their friendship groups and I only had one person lol
but tbh friends in college are very temporary everyone will literally forget about each other in the summer especially with uni. Most of my friends where superficial especially because I was an external in a school where most people where internal students

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