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On-campus or Unite Students accommodation?

I've just firmed my unconditional offer to Aberdeen and one of the things I'm conflicted about is where to stay for my first year.

I've done some prior research into accommodation and honestly, Aberdeen's on-campus offerings don't really appeal to me. I would ideally like to stay in an en-suite room but there aren't many options in that regard, and the fact that one's ideal choice of accommodation isn't guaranteed is quite off-putting for me. On the other hand, there are plenty of en-suite options at Unite Students's Causeway View (which I've been looking at and considering). I personally really like the location, prices are somewhat similar to Aberdeen's on-campus offerings, and it overall just seems like you're getting more of your money's worth.

However, what I'm concerned about is potentially feeling out of place. I won't be exclusively living with nor be surrounded by first-year students, and I fear that I may miss out more on the student life, especially in terms of connecting with others like myself. (Also, I would be missing out on a free membership to the Aberdeen Sports Village, although I've never really been much of a sporty person, haha.)

I'm wondering if there's anyone that had in the past stayed in private (particularly Unite Students) accommodation in their first year and wouldn't mind sharing their experience? Or is there anyone about to start their studies at Aberdeen this September and will be staying in private accommodation?

Much appreciated.

(Originally posted this on the University of Aberdeen forum but thought it would more suitable to post on the student accommodation forum.)
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