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what is GCSEs

why are they so important
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Original post by JDIGGA
why are they so important

they are external examinations (the whole country does) we take at age of 15/16 that determine if we can enter college or continue in education, also uni applications look at our gcse results so they are very important , i think if u fail u have to resit in november

idk if ur being serious in asking lol but there u go
General Certificate of Secondary Education.

Sixth forms / sixth form colleges / colleges usually require you to have a certain number of GCSEs at a certain grade (or higher) in order to meet their entry requirements.

Many employers and universities require you to at the very least have passed your Maths and English Language GCSE.

IGCSEs (International General Certificates of Secondary Education) can be taken in lieu of GCSEs if you prefer.
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Original post by JDIGGA
why are they so important

GCSEs stand for General Certificate of Secondary Education - these are basically exams you take in several subjects at the end of year 11, in June (when you're about 15 or 16).
Universities mainly look at these and focus on core subjects (the subjects you must do for gcse across the uk) which are English (made up of English literature and English language), maths and science (biology, chemistry and physics). Catholic schools mostly require you to do RS gcse too, but it's an option for non-Catholic schools.
Now, the rest of the subjects are completely optional - you usually pick 3-4 subjects which you want to study for year 10 and 11 and take the gcse exam in. These subjects can vary depending on what the schools offer, but some include: geography, history, languages (spanish, french and german are main ones), art, photography, music, drama, textiles, sociology, citizenship, p.e, computing, ict, business studies and lots more.
There are additional gcses you can take as part of a main subject, such as further maths (stems from gcse maths) and triple science (more complex form of normal combined science usually offered in year 11).
I hope that helps :biggrin:
Just to add that it's not legally compulsory to take any GCSEs at all, but if you're wanting to go onto higher education you'll find it a hindrance if you don't have any.

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