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History paper 1 stuarts confused

so today i did the stuarts history paper aqa ( i do stuarts and china ) i assume the marks are the same. there was a 30 marker and 2 25 markers. for my second 25 marker it was something like how successful were the PN (political nation) in regards to asserting their influence over the crown within the years 1681-1702. I only talked about William of Orange and the Bill of rights but i put that the bill of rights was in 1681 and i had to cut the last paragraph short; will it affect my mark because i didnt get the date right? obviously not talking about James will affect my mark but yeh
Congrats on your A-levels! What exam board did you have for History because I do Stuarts and China too!

I'm really struggling for resources since our school switched from OCR to AQA and so I can't get suggestions from the year above me at school.

I do AQA btw

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