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UG Final year - may drop out due to mental health - qualification or diploma options?


Context: I am in my 3rd year undergrad degree, yet it is my last year to complete this course within the 5 year period threshold due to resitting years caused by personal circumstances. In the past 2 UG years I have gained a 2:1 in second year which counts as 40% towards my final grade. And in my 3rd year the first time round (which I am now resitting for some modules parts) gained a 1st for modules I passed in full or halfway. The 3rd year counts as 60% towards my final degree classification. I am re-sitting this 3rd year now to complete elements of modules I could not do due to circumstances.

Issues: My circumstances have exacerbated recently but I did not tell university about them in time so I am capped for 2 assignments at 40%. Also the other assignments I have done recently were quite bad only one was ok, one only had a plan for 1 question out of 2.

I just don't know whether I can get a certificate or diploma of sorts this late into my undergraduate degree - if so then I will gladly accept it for the 2 UG years I have completed so I can do a top-up degree elsewhere when I am better to do so.

I just would like to know if anyone has been able to gain a certification/diploma even in the 3rd year without finishing or even with finishing if I have to see it through due to timeframes but still can top-up?

P.S. I have booked a meeting with my tutor Friday - I just would like some unaffiliated responses. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
At the very least you will get a transcript detailing all credits obtained + at what levels.
At my uni (it may be different at yours, so you need to check)
A Certificate of Higher Education is a Level 4 qual so you would lose recognition for your L5 credits.
To get an ordinary degree, you would need 300 credits at L6
So options are limited but in terms of applying to a top up you would need at least your transcript plus a reference.
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In addition to what @cheadle mentions, there's a Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE) which can be awarded for successfully completing the first two years (i.e. L4 and L5) of your programme. As long as your university's regulations allow it, the fact you've made it into the third year suggests you'd be eligible for a DipHE (assuming you don't reach the threshold for an ordinary degree).
@cheadle and @martin7 - thank you so much for your replies! Much appreciated.

@cheadle - I will check with my Uni - I have a talk with my tutor in the morning today (Friday 26th). Ah I see, so I won't want a certificate as I have completed my two years with 120 credits each year which equates to 240 for both years. I have only attained 30 credits for sure in 3rd year with the possibility of gaining 10 to 40 credits more while I leave the rest for summer resits this year.

Therefore, @martin7 - I will ask Uni if they can still allow me a DipHe for the first two years of my degree - as Uni did offer it to me before I started my 3rd year the second time. I just don't know if it still applies after nearly finishing 3rd year albeit with outstanding 40-60 credits in Summer resits.

Now my questions are:

Is a DipHE better than an Ordinary degree? (as I want to gain a better degree classification for when I am better to return to a university offering Top-Up degrees.

Can you even do a Top-Up degree whilst being awarded an Ordinary degree? And if so, how do those fare when choosing ordinary degrees to Top-Up? Are future prospects brighter with a DipHe and studying for a Top-Up degree outcome?
I used to have some involvement with a top up degree and it mainly recruited Foundation Degree students with a small number from different backgrounds like a HND or had completed L4 of an undergraduate degree. So with a DipHE you would be more than qualified. Top up years are also Honours degrees. I think some research now into potential top ups would be prudent.

If you think you might not go back to uni in the future, then an ordinary degree might be the way to go.

There could be student finance issues, you.might have to pay for the top up.

Good luck with your meeting!
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Thanks @cheadle - the outcome of the meeting: I could get the DipHE - just waiting on how to go about that process. Yeah been researching potential Top-Ups, since I don't want to go for an ordinary degree. I just want some time away and go back to get my degree.

Yeah I've thought about the financials - will be saving up! I now need to find the right Top-up degree for me at Universities that offer it.

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