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did terrible in mocks

Hi im a Yr12 student who did her mocks this year, and it is this mock that the school determines our predicted grades apparently. I got B in Chemistry, B in Economics and C in Biology, which is terrible because I need at least AAB for the course I want to do, which is biochemistry. Is it possible for the school to change our predicted grade in Yr13 as we have another set of mocks around October but our predicted grades come out on June 30th. I know i can improve 100%, as i normally get As in both bio and chem, but is it possible to change our predicted grades if we did well in the year 13 mocks. I go to a grammar school idk if that helps
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It really depends on the school. Some schools may increase your predicted grade by one. Other schools like mine don’t really increase your predicted grade. They just use the grade you’ve done in mocks. But you can go to your head teacher or someone who is in charge of UCAS and say you want an A because of your uni. But then again if you have shown that you have been getting consistent A then you are fine.
Well done on getting those grades!
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I have absolutely no idea, but let's think hypothetically for a moment. Say you didn't get the grades the University wants, there are a few ways around it (Not that you should rely on this because there's a low chance they'll work). There's the chance that your personal statement is so personal and mind-capturing that the University gives you an unconditional offer. Otherwise, say they reject you based on your grades, it always helps contacting them (I've heard that calling works a lot better than texting or email). Remain polite as you try to convince them why you are perfect for that University despite your grades. It would help getting some extra curricular stuff, but I honestly have no idea what relates to Biochemistry. But you can honestly put down that anything is related to it if you word it right.

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