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English Language Paper 1 Q5 Ideas? (Drop examples and ideas below)

I always wanted to improve my English Lang Grades since I know I made my Literature exams go balls up due to stress and freezing up, so I wondered if anyone had any ideas for stories that could work with pretty much ANY PROMPT. I'm really stressed as I barely scrape 6s and if anyone has ideas, you'd be a great help!

SAVE MY ENGLISH GCSES *cry*:colonhash::unimpressed::unimpressed::colonhash:
A good idea is to always try and introduce an original twist. i.e. not "it was all a dream". i did this in the mock and my teacher really liked it and gave me almost full marks.
it is also because i followed a good structure.
present, flashback 1, back to present, flashback 2, back to present.
this will allow you to pick up some good marks for ao1
you should try to using a range of sentence lengths to reflect the mood.
also use metaphors and similes and the like.
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