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Applying to English at Oxbridge/UCL

Hi everyone,
I wanted to know what everyone's thoughts were on applying to BA English at top unis with a 6 in English Lit at GCSE. I never achieved below an 8 in class assessments but I didn't do well on the final exam partially due to illness (I had tonsillitis). I am taking English Lit for A Level and am predicted an A*. Will my 6 at GCSE be a major red flag for unis, has anyone else got in without an 8/9 in English, etc.
I got a place on UNIQ for English so I found that reassuring that Oxford accepted me with my GCSE grade.
My overall GCSE grades are 9988887766.
Any thoughts would be welcome. Thank you!
Might be a tad unusual, not sure if it would immediately be an issue though. Particularly if you had an illness and, presumably, applied for mitigating circumstances at the time, and your academic referee can attest to this (and your stronger performance at the time and since).
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I didn't apply for mitigating circumstances as I wasn't aware this was even available. My school knew of my illness but didn't do anything about it unfortunately. I will hopefully have it included in my reference. Thanks for your response!

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