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What counts as evidence in an essay for A level Politics

I'm in y12 doing Politics A Level, and for a 30 mark essay I was wondering what is the best/ most mark-efficient type of evidence to use in a 30 mark essay, specifically on core political ideas, I'm assuming that we don't have to bring in case studies for each paragraph and using concepts like Empericism/ key thinkers doesn't feel like solid evidence if you know what I mean
Thanks so much, really appreciate any help 👍
Hello! so when i'm writing about liberalism and how modern and classical differ over the state for example, my evidence would start of with a core principle and how either a classical/modern belives in that core principle and then i back up that evidence with what the key thinkers belive. You will not get marked for including actual current politics, it all has to be what the spec specifies!

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