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Why are some countries democratic and others not?

How do i answer that? considering I have to write an essay about it?
Please consider referring initially to your syllabus, class notes, or try and recall past class debates, read textbook,or revision book on what constitute democracy.

Alternatively there is a good selection of "A" level politics video on youtube both for the course content and how to structure among others a 30 mark question. In addition you have various revision sites such as[url=]

Further to this suggest you adapt to this style of revision if you have exams this May/June. This may ensure that the knowledge is in place so you can attempt such questions in the exam. Essentially in short you'll turn syllabus content, perhaps class notes, exam questions, essay plans, definitions into flashcards with a difference they will be relevant to your exam. You may do a combination of mind maps and memory palaces.

Nearer the exams

Additionally you need to decide with your extracurricular activities, mobile phone between instance gratification and succeeding in your long-term goals and gaining a university place or whatever you do next.

*Finally in your exam preparation imagine your exam is a fellow student presenting a variety questions from the syllabus in which you'll teach them by answering in a clear and a precise manner so that they will be able to comprehend the topics at hand. Sometimes their questions require a longer and more indepth answer where you include salient and relevant points. However not only that you may support with evidence, you may evaluate that evidence, analyse, compare, contrast and with concluding thought a summation of whats gone beforehand fitting it all into the structure demands of the subject this would be called an essay. Sometimes as the teacher you may need to go back to a foundational level this means having a look at GCSE structuring essay questions so you are able to build upon it.

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How do i answer that? considering I have to write an essay about it?

How did you answer it and how did it go?

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