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I know someone who got all 9s (In GCSEs) & all A/A* (In His A-Levels) But in Year 10, He did Foundation Papers for his mocks (In Maths & Science)
He's also done a lot of Maths/Science & Technology Extra-curriculums.
Would his mocks lower his chances of getting into MIT by a margin?
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i dont even think y10 mocks are referred to the school once you get into sixth form, let alone in a university application. 'your friend' - i assume youre talking about yourself? - has a very good chance but must also show a real passion and desire to explore the field instead of just seem like another robot who did all this to boost his CV. he can show this in his personal statement
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Hi, I've moved your thread to the Studying in North America forum - the applications and UCAS forum is for applications to UK universities :smile:

As above, mocks are not going to be a factor as they are not going to your final results and by the time you apply you will have achieved results. They are purely for internal use at your school.

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