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I am applying for accomodation, where is the best to stay?
Original post by alliesse04
I am applying for accomodation, where is the best to stay?

Hi there!

I am a second year student at YSJ and stayed at the Grange in my first year of university. I cannot give you a definitive answer as it depends what your priorities are. However, I can give some details about each accommodation which may help make your decision easier.

The Grange- This is YSJ's cheapest accommodation (from £107 per week) which was a bonus for me as it helped me to save a little money to do other things I liked. It is also the closest to the university (0.7 miles to campus). When applying, I was adamant that I needed an en-suite because I was concerned about sharing a bathroom with other people. However, I ended up with a shared bathroom and it was actually okay, my housemates were relatively clean and there were no issues as the toilet and shower were in separate rooms. It has a great maintenance team who respond to issues almost immediately. There is an on-site launderette facility which is shared with St Mary's, which is on the same complex. There are 8 washing machines and 8 dryers and you have to pay a small fee to use them (contactless works). There are some blue doors which are opened at 7am and closed at 11pm but you can still access the accommodation by walking up Ramsay Close if on a night out. Also, I do primary ed and when I had my placement, we had to leave at 6am and the doors were opened early for us. It is not the fanciest accommodation as it is the cheapest, but I really liked how all the houses were altogether which gave it a community feel.

City Residence- If you are a sports student, you may find this the most convenient option for you. It is slightly further away from university than the Grange but placed closest to the Haxby road sports centre. It is a beautiful old building from the outside, and has launderette facilities also. It also has en-suite bathrooms. I had a friend who lived here who had no complaints. This is priced from £127 per week.

St John Central- This accommodation is slightly more expensive from £145 a week, however, it is right in the city centre, practically next to the Shambles. I have heard very good things about these rooms and it has en-suite facilities. It looks very clean and has a lift inside to get to your flat.

Limes Court- This is also one of the cheapest options from £107 per week, however, is the furthest away from the university campus and centre of town. There is an on site cat whom everyone loves, and has shared bathrooms but I remember my friend had 2 shared bathrooms in a house of 5 people which was quite luxurious to me. It looks new and quite lovely from the outside and also has launderette facilities, however, if you would rather not walk a while to uni then this may be a deal breaker for you.

The Coalyard, Brickworks and Abode- These are all different complexes but all are priced at £180 a week. While they are the most expensive accommodations, they are also priced accordingly. When visiting my friends at this accommodation, I was shocked at how clean, well furnished and luxurious these places appeared. They have on-site security and gates which you have to show your keycard to get into. They are near Asda and Morrisons if that is something you would find useful. They are very secure and have en-suites. They are slightly further away from the city centre or uni than somewhere like the Grange, but they are still within 1 mile of the campus. A very good option if it is something you are willing to pay for.

I hope this helped and you can find more information online at where you can view videos and photos for reference. Good luck with your decision and university next year!

Rachel- YSJ student rep
I'm studying at ysj currently and for my first year I stayed in the coal yard. Good accommodation if you want privacy, and is very close to ships, asda. Morrisons. Sainsburys ect. Altho I have had a few problems with management and there is very little full time security (they patrol different accommodation but are in call when needed). It is still a good accommodation for first years and priced at £176 for a standard room!
Brickworks, abode and student castle I have heard to be very similar.
Uni accommodation wise I've heard limes court I'd grest for people who prefere quiet environments and city residence is closest to uni. St John's central I've heard to be brilliant and good for social life, tho are really bad for the 3am fire alarms

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