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Sqa higher geography corrie formation

please check what can earn marks and which stuff do you not need

Snow accumulate and north facing hollows because these slopes are more shaded so snow lies longer

Snow eventually turns to ice because of compassion and moves downhill as a glacier due to gravity

The glacier erodes the base due to abrasion angular Rock embedded in the ice grinds the hollow making it deeper

The back wall gets sleeper due to plucking when ice freezes onto bedrock puling with rocks away from the back wall and frost shuttering water fills little cracks in the Rock which freeze overnight and expand This repeated cycle of nightly expansion+daily contraction causes bits of rock to become weaker+shatter

Friction causes the ice to slow down at the front edge of the corry allowing a Rocklip to form which traps rainwater

When the ice melt an armchair shaped hollow is left in the mountainside
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