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how to get As and A+ in exams

can someone tell me you tips on how to get 8s and 7s or 9s
please don't be vague with your answer e.g. use active recall( but how?)
thank you.
i wrote out notes for all my subjects and memorise them, recited them out loud (a bit like learning a script for a play)
There’s a few things you can do:

Find out what type of learner you are - visual, audio or kinaesthetic then base your recall round that.

Use visualisations and mnemonic's to help memorising and recall - such as memory palaces, loci and Roman room methods also acronyms etc.

Active recall just means to scribble out what you’ve read previously. It strengthens the memory path ways. Visualisation and memory palaces work the same way - it builds pathways to the memory.

Watch you tube videos on the subjects. Read books such as how to ace your alevels and GCSEs.

Go on you tube and find a teacher that you understand. I found Mr Bruff for English and GCSEMathsTutor really helped me.

Make learning your job, set out your work hours and include off time doing sports as it not only relaxes you, but helps build memory pathways.

Study in 20 minutes chunks with 5 minute breaks in between.

Memorise 7 bit chunks at at time, the short term memory forgets after 9 bits.

Study before you sleep as that will help

Eat a well balanced diet with omega oils (oily fish), berries, broccoli and lots of green veg.

Get your study space organised. Do your revision somewhere as close to the exam setting as you can - table, chair, put an exam background noise (you tube have exam noise videos)

Also using smells and taste - sniff peppermint or eat a sweet when revising then use that in the exam will help recall.

Other things to try are mind maps- blurting them on a page to recall everything you know. Also sticky notes round the house to read can help.

Self belief is a must. Imagine you’ve already past at the 9 and do the work to get there. Literally live the subject during the day. Use spare time to revise - ie waiting for the bus. Get friends and family to quiz you or teach it to friends/ family, pets or even toys.

Good luck.
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thank you so much . one more question what resources do you recommend a lot of people suggest CGP guides - does it help get 9s, and 8s ?
Have a look at different types and see what you find best for you. Check your local charity shops, as a lot will have used revision guides a lot cheaper then WHSmiths etc.
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Original post by uniqueen8888
can someone tell me you tips on how to get 8s and 7s or 9s
please don't be vague with your answer e.g. use active recall( but how?)
thank you.

It depends what subjects, for science use anki, it is the best revision tool you can use. Do not make physical flash cards, it is a waste of time. For essay subjects just make lots of essay plans, with defined paragraphs of what you would talk about, and sporadically test your self on these - e.g. think of a possible essay title, and then without looking go through with that your main paragraphs would be, with quotes and references for english lit and RS respectively
One of the best ways to remember something is to teach someone else the knowledge you need to remember. It means you have to fully understand the subject you are teaching and it helps the information move from your short term to long term memory!

This is a good article that explains it more:,is%20called%20the%20prot%C3%A9g%C3%A9%20effect.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Jenny - a rep from Arts University Plymouth.

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