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Will i be able to do a level 3 btec course with 3 gcses

Basically i plan on doing a level 3 science btec course in september but i will only have 3 gcses
(English litetature grade 4 and combined science grades 5 and 4) as i believe ill be achieving grade 3s for both language and maths and the entry requirement is atleast 4 gcses grades 4-9 so i was wondering if i could do the level 3 course while retaking language and maths and resit the exams in november?
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most likely, they’d want you to do the level 2 equivalent of the course if you’re going to be resitting, with the option to move into level 3 once you complete the L2 and have your grade requirements
Im about to finish a Level 2 btec at college and I haven't even sat a GCSE exam till now, you should be perfectly fine tbh
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Generally for entry onto a Level 3 course, I've found that most entry requirements are 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including English and Maths.
Some will accept 4 GCSEs.

I've not found any that would accept 3, especially not if you haven't passed English Language and Maths. (English Literature is really irrelevant).

More than likely you'll have to start at Level 2 and resit your Maths and English Language alongside it.

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