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I would say you have a high chance to get into human sciences if you tailor your personal statement to it and your dedication to the subject (Maybe with outside of school things to back it up) I would not recommend splitting your statement between the two as you do not have that much room to write and you want it to be specific, especially with such different courses
University College London, University of London
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Original post by bamsa
I’m really interested in this course, but i’m just concerned as I do not take biology a level, which is a preferred subject (the requirement is ‘one science subject, preferably bio’) My grades/subjects are:

GCSE: 99999999988 (including 9 in bio)
A level: predicted A*A*A* in maths, psych and geo.

I know my grades do not guarantee me an offer at all, but do I stand a chance at this course without biology? I feel as though my current subjects are still relevant to the course . How much of a disadvantage would I be at (purely in terms of application/getting an offer, as i intend to learn some bio over year 13 summer anyways to gain relevant knowledge). Another thing is, because human sciences is not a common course, I would be applying for psych at other unis so i’m not sure how my personal statement would look (though I was going to link geographical elements to it anyways)

Ask UCL how big a stumbling block your A-levels are. They should have figures in how many they accept for the course without biology.
Ok, so you want to do Human Sciences as a degree. Have you had a look at the syllabus at UCL: anatomy, genetics, cell biology, physiology etc. This is pretty biology-heavy and you have not taken biology A level. Will you really enjoy this course?

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