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How much should I revise for year 9 end of years, and what order should I do it in?


What order should I revise my subjects in?

Hi, I have my end of yea 9 tests in 13 subject next week which is a lot to revise for. Over the past few weeks I have made resources and done some revision already. However, I don’t know how to prioritise when revising for subjects this late on. Do I do the ones I am doing in year 10 first? Or should I do the ones I have earlier on in the week first? Or the ones I am confident in last and the harder ones first?

Also I am not sure on how important they are. I have done decent in tests that are important in the year so is there really that much weight on them. Also barely any of my GCSE’s are tiered so do sets matter anyway?

I would appreciate some help. Also if you have any good techniques for revision that would help me out a lot. Thanks :smile:

I promise you, these tests really don't matter, I wouldn't stress too much over them :smile:!! Have you chosen your GCSE subjects yet? If so, I would definitely prioritise those as it will give you a feel for how you're doing in those subjects if you revise for them!! If not, then I would revise the hardest first, going down to the easiest. As for revision techniques, what really works for me is active recall. Making flashcards, learning them, then blurting everything you can remember on a piece of paper and anything you've forgotten, just keep going over it until it sticks!! I hope they go well for you!! :smile:
Yes I have chosen my GCSE’s, German, Computer Science, 3D-Design and History, and Triple Science so I’ll definitely focus on those and core subjects. I have already been trying to use active recall. For example Chemistry I quizzed myself on all flash cards, then requizzed any I got wrong. I am not sure how to revise for English though, I have just been researching techniques. Thanks for the advice :smile:

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