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DAP is bootlooping and idk what to do

i have a digital audio player/mp4, the innioasis g1. and it's been bootloading for the past 3 hours. it died at maybe 1am and i just left it, but then at ~2.45ish i plugged it in and turned it on to check the time and it's been bootlooping ever since, yay
(boot looping is when it's stuck on the start-up screen when u turn it on, usually says 'galaxy' or smn [mine says innioasis] except when it stops like it's abt to turn the screen properly on and starts the start screen again. that was an awful defention but yeah.)
i've tried everything online since then but it's not working.
it's now dead. the battery died a while back, i plugged it in for a bit and turned it on.. more bootlooping. i let it kill the battery and now idk
any tech genius advice?
(edited 1 year ago)
*bootlooping, not bootloading. sorry abt that
(edited 1 year ago)
it's still not working, prety sure the battery is completely dead now tho.

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