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Noisy Children On A Bus

I was on the ride home on a bus and this vast group of school children bundled onto the bus and headed upstairs to the top deck. At some point they started stomping their feet and making a lot of noise, prompting a young woman to march upstairs and firmly tell them to stop. The continued stomping around and much more copiously this time; she once again marched back upstairs to find out who the culprits were and told them off. Just as I was getting off the bus the woman said something to the effect of "you're lucky I don't clobber you lot," which was met with more apathetic responses.

In my view, I feel this woman was wasting her time. They're teenagers, they like to mess around and cause a hassle, they haven't fully deviated away from their infant selves yet. Telling them off puts fuel on that fire, especially when you just march up to them and tell them not to do something. I'm guessing she was particularly angry about something, but she should've just tolerated it for her wellbeing-she just acted like a hard nut in front of school kids and that's just silly.
that is like my bus everyday after school and the adults that are on there always complain but tbh they still do it. a couple of times the driver has banned the peoppel from that specific bus route for a week or smth but normally people jsut deal with it and if you have a probleam with it just stay downstairs

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