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i'm so lost academically

i dont know what to do anymore i'm 17 i dont like the btec i'm taking and i'm 100% failing in it since i hate it so much i wish i was allowed to do alevels but i flopped my gcses due to issues i had in yr 11 so i only have 4 gcses (retook maths idk what i got but i know i passed so i have 4 gcses) i have no one to talk to about it eating me alive i want to go to uni next year so bad but i feel so hopeless on my next steps idk what to do i dont want to do another two years doing a btec that will not benefit my life because all the btecs ive seen doesnt relate to anything i want to do in life. i had so much knowledge and passion in me and i just lost it all during covid i really want to do alevels and i know i'd take them seriously getting tutors etc but all sixth forms/sixthform colleges will just see me as is just grades not as an actual person.
i did post something similar before but honestly i was motivated then, now i feel a long term feeling of shame and sadness.

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