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need ideas for my psychology final year project!

hi! i'm a second year psych student and starting to think about my final year project. im on the developmental pathway so has to be related to that and i'm most interested in studying in primary school kids with something to do with identity or gender. any ideas would be amazing! i'm completely lost!
Hi Sophie,

I am a third-year student working on my dissertation which investigates the impact of depressive and anxious symptoms on academic achievement and cognitive performance in university students - this might be an inspiration for you.

In regards to your field of interest, developmental psychology (compared to my clinical and cognitive psychology), you could explore the relationship between identity and gender in transgender individuals who do not have their sex born at birth assign to their gender they identify with. Or perhaps investigate the role of type of teaching and its effects on primary children in primary schools (e.g., interactive vs. non-interactive teaching styles). Or perhaps investigating the number of students with developmental disorders such as ADHD or developmental dyscalculia (having trouble with mathematics) in the early years in primary children.

There is a lot out there, so make sure you find the best topic for your dissertation. You still have plenty of time to decide, more than half a year.

Best of luck!

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