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So I just finished my foundation year. I’m 19 turning 20 soon. Now I’m wondering if I should go to uni or wait another year and apply for apprenticeship (product design/ UX design ) . I’m scared if I don’t go to uni and wait for next year there’s is no guarantee I’ll certainly secure an apprenticeship. Cause if I don’t get an apprenticeship I’ll probably go to uni anyways??

I was wondering if it is possible that I go to uni this year and maybe apply at the same time?? So if I don’t secure an apprenticeship I still have uni as an option and I technically did not waste my year? But can I apply for an apprenticeship while being in uni cause some companies might not let me apply?

I kind of feel I sort of wasted one year by doing a foundation year. I know it’s not exactly a waste but in the back of my mind I feel like it was a waste as I fell one year behind.

Any thoughts or has someone been in a similar situation?
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