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speed of teaching at A Level

I'm well aware that the speed is much faster than at GCSE (I've finished mine) but I wanted to quantitatively gauge an idea of how fast it was. I'm planning on doing bio, chem (both AQA) and maths (edexcel).

If it is possible, would the Year 12s show me the sections of the spec they covered in one recent lesson and explain if this is the typical amount of content they would do in the time.

Thank you (:
idk if you have the textbook but for edexcel a level maths, they covered (from sep to dec) Chapters 1 to 8 from pure, and Chapters 1 to 6 from applied
i do OCR biology and they covered all of module 2 in the same time period,
in OCR chemistry, we covered all of module 2 and alkanes/alkenes from module 4

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