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Is Tool the best band ever? If not, why?

I have been listening to Tool for the last 3 months and have never before heard more poetic lyrics, nor the original sound they managed to procure using irregular drum beats and drop-D guitar tuning. Though I was saddened to realize that they are somewhat underappreciated with many people dismissing them as pretentious without pausing to consider the genius behind their music. For example, the song 'Lateralus' is written using the fibonacci sequence in its lyrics, and drumming and guitar time signatures, while, in my opinion, describing the universe in 10 minutes. Another example is 'Litanie Contre la peur' which is a musical palindrome - this is far from the best example, but is impressive nonetheless. I would like to know what others make of the band though and why you think they have not become more popular and fully appreciated.
They're in my top 3 favourite bands for sure.

The pure craftsmanship of their work is enough to induce a spiritual awakening in the listener. Never heard anything quite like 'em.
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Danny Carey is a great drummer but Tool are painfully dull. I saw them in 2002 and it was proper yawnsville.
Im personally not a fan, they arent my cup of tea. But thats just my opinion. Not against anyone else liking them.
Led Zeppelin i think is the best
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Led Zeppelin
I enjoy Tool I’m not sure about best band ever but their music is incredibly clever and well constructed and still holds up brilliantly

I think a lot of people just don’t like them because some of their fanbase are basically the Jehovah’s witnesses of music, constantly preaching and trying to convert everyone 😂

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