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I am in need of a monologue for a drama and theatre examination and would like it to be based on some form of loss.
I would also like it to show the torment within the female within the monologue where there is room for pouring out and a lot of emotion.
Does anyone have any ideas?
There's a piece from little dolls by Nancy Harris. It's a short play about a woman in a therapy session talking about a past experience from when she was a child (she's now anywhere between 20 and 30). The story is she was on a school trip in France and one night a man broke into the hostel and killed her best friend who was in the bed next to her. She feels guilty about having not heard her and woken up. I can send you a type up of it if you like or you can either buy "contemporary monologues for women" off of Amazon, or buy "Little dolls" by Nancy Harris in pdf form, or buy "Our new girl" by Nancy Harris, but get the version with the short play little dolls at the end.

If you want a classical monologue, there is a piece from The custom of the country by John Fletcher. Right at the end of the play, in the last scene, there is a monologue by Guiomar which demonstrated grief and anger and betrayal. The story is that her son was killed by the man who she fell in love with, and who she gave shelter to in her house when he was on the run, however when she found out he killed her son, she (heartbroken) kicked him out of her house and told him never to come back or she would kill him. As it turns out, her son is actually alive and tells the man (who almost killed him) to go back to Guiomar so they can marry and be happy, however in this moment, Guiomar doesn't realise her son is alive and still thinks he's dead. She feels betrayed by the man and angry and is grieving her son. You can find "The custom of the country" online on a free pdf.

There is a monologue from Oleanna, in which Carol (a student) accuses John (her professor) of sexual abuse (it's very debateable who is in the right and that's up to you, however Carol is obviously very manipulative whichever way you decide to play it). If you search up monologues from Oleanna, you can find it there. Alternatively, the play is on amazon.

There is also a piece from cigarettes and chocolate, in which the girl talks about how trauma has caused her to not speak, and how it's all a bit too much.
There's a piece called emotional recall which is where an actor is trying to summon emotion through dramatic reason her father died, then she finally opens up and speaks quietly about what really happened, allowing emotion to truthfully flow. It turns out her father was an acting teacher.

Children of killers is about Esperence, who lost her arm in the genocide and is talking about the trauma of the attacks. It's extremely emotional.

I can send you type ups of any of these monologues if you like.
The monologue book "Contemporary monologues for women" and "classical monologues for women" from Amazon are both very good and have a selection of monologues in them.

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