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loreto grammar sixth form

Anyone who joined this sixth form as an external student? I’ve been accepted as one of the 15-20 external students this year and I’ve inspected the school, which I noticed majority of the students are white. As an all girls school, is bullying or racism an common issue in sixth form because as an Asian who is rather quiet I’m considering if I should join a more diverse community or loreto grammar as I really liked the campus and the discipline of it. I would love to gain some advice from loreto grammar sixth formers. Thanks!!!!
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I am not a girl so I obviously dont go there, but from a general search it doesnt look like theyve really had anything bad, do you have anyway of getting the email of a girl through school administration, because talking to someone from the school is obviously the best way to get an actual explanation, but the chance of someone randomly being there on tsr is pretty low

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