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Loreto Application Grades

Hi I’m a Year11 student who’s applied for Loreto College, however I’m worried about my ability to be accepted due to my grades. I have applied for the BTEC Extended Diploma in IT, and I am not from a partner school nor am I Catholic.

The predicted grades I applied with are from Y10 mocks, however my latest predicted grades are slightly different due to the timing. Ashton Sixth Form have accepted me with both.

English Language - 6+ (latest, 6+)
English Literature - 6+ (latest, 7)
Maths - 6+ (latest, 6-)
Combined Science - 7,7 (latest, 6,6)
Business Studies - 7+ (latest, 5, robbery. I have never scored lower than a 7 in business EVER)
Computer Science - 7+ (latest, 7+)
Media Studies - Level 2 Merit (latest, Level 2 Merit)
Spanish - 5 (Latest, 5)

I also have 2 detentions if that means anything, that’s in total from Y7-Y11 and both were from dodgy teachers who had lost my homework.

Please put my mind at ease as I am stressing so much.

I’m also worried about if I rushed my application with my handwriting and what I wrote about my hobbies and instruments, etc.

They’ve sent me an acknowledgment in the post - so that means it was legible, right? It says I will hear back from them by the end of March.
First detentions arent important unless your getting them every week so dont worry about that,
Grades are quite decent so you might as well apply imo.
If you dont get in work really hard to fet amazing grades for Gcse and go up to the school and show them ; more likely take you in.
Apply for others as well!!
Good luck.

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