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Social work interview written test

Hello, I have been offered an interview at Nottingham uni for social work BA, can anyone please tell me what the questions will be about as I’ve been sent an article to read about a child’s foster care experience, and in the written test it states, I will have to answer questions around this article. Does anyone have an idea what sort of questions they will be asking please so I have an idea

Thanks 😊
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Hey how did you get on?
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Hey I’m looking at social work courses for 2024 entry. What was the written exam like?
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Hey, I applied this year and had a timed written test for one Uni and a pre submitted longer written piece of work for the other Uni. The timed test was based on a case study with specific questions they wanted me to answer and the other piece of work was based on the social work professional standards and how I could demonstrate my understanding of them through real life examples. Both were straightforward but the pre submitted piece was quite a lot of work!
Good luck 🤞

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