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best cambridge colleges for vegan food?

Hi, I'm looking to apply to Cambridge for MML and was wondering about what colleges are best for accommodating vegans? I've tried searching online with limited success as they are all very vague since stating that vegan food can be provided says nothing about its actual quality, or the information is just outdated. I am also very willing to cook for myself a lot since I enjoy it so which colleges offer the best kitchen facilities? I'm not expecting massive state of the art kitchens but a hob, freezer, and being bigger than a shoebox would be nice lol, and maybee an oven but that might be a stretch.
So far I really like Clare but don't know how well it compares for these factors.
Wolfson College (21+) has a vegan and a vegetarian option for every meal in the dining hall. The vegetarian option is often also vegan. You can see the current menu here to get an idea You can also request a vegan option for formal hall. All of the accommodation is on site and has decent sized kitchens. Try Googling “college name menu” to get an idea of other colleges :smile:
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Hey, I study MML at Christ's, and Christ's has good vegan options. There's always a vegan option in the canteen, sometimes the options are even made with tempeh and jackfruit, which is pretty creative! Emma and Queen's also offer vegan options every day I think. I mostly cook though and the kitchens in Christ's are decent, there's a hob and a fridge & my kitchen last year was a decent size (though the kitchen size varies from room to room). Newnham accommodation tends to have very good kitchens, so does Downing I think. Wolfson, Trinity Hall and Clare also have good vegan options in the canteen/formal hall from what I've heard :smile:

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