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There are two main schools I would choose between for college next year
The first one is 1 hour and 3 mins away and I'd need to travel by bus and train, however it is the closest school to me that does criminology, and Italian. On the other hand, the second school is 44mins away and would only be one bus ride, but I'd have 2/4 subjects that I want to take which id have to replace.
Would it be worth it taking the longer commute as I want to go into criminology at uni or should I stick with the school that's closer?
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You do not need the WJEC Diploma in Criminology (btw, it is not a A level) to do Crim at Uni.
Crim is a social science degree - its essentially sociology with a few extra units about crime and deviancy - and for most soc-sci degrees you do not need to have taken any 'relevant' A level subjects.

Please be aware that a degree in 'Criminology' is not going to lead to a career as a Criminologist - that is actually a profession within Psychology. So think carefully about what you intend to do with this degree - and if having a more general degree in Sociology or Social Policy instead might be a better option long term.

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